Community Overview

  • About the Communities

    Using the Mikawaa portal, partners will exchange information and dialogue about the exploration and proposed development plans. The people of the communities of the James Bay Lowlands, Noront and other stakeholders are all highlighted.

    Development of resources has to benefit the community and people while minimizing harm to the environment.  Conversations have been initiated between the communities, Noront, Federal and Provincial governments and other stakeholders.

    Click the links below to meet the First Nation Communities in the Matawa First Nations and hear their points of view.

  • Welcome to Mikawaa

    Welcome to Mikawaa, a Consultation Portal, developed for engagement of First Nation communities and Noront Resources. The goal of this portal is to open a respectful, responsible, and knowledgeable dialogue with the communities surrounding our project. Our objective is to understand the communities' concerns, issues, and goals. While learning from the surrounding communities, we also want to share information on our activities and plans. We believe that through open dialogue, effective communication and mutual understanding, we will take the first steps to maintaining our relationships in good faith and together reaping the benefits of our work.

    Mikawaa is an Oji-Cree word meaning Discovery. Discovery has many meanings for the Ring of Fire. Discovery can mean exploration success, discovery can mean improving our mutual understanding, discovery can mean a better more effective way for us to work together, discovery can mean creating new opportunities for all stakeholders. What does Mikawaa mean to you? Join the site. Share your ideas. Become involved.

  • Webequie First Nation

    Webequie First NationThe people of Webequie First Nation make their home in a fly-in community on Winisk Lake, more than 500km north of Thunder Bay. Their name comes from an Ojibway word that means “shaking head from side to side”.

    The people of Webequie make every effort to maintain their traditions, culture, and Oji-Cree language. At the same time, they are developing modern conveniences, businesses, and educational practices. They try to live their lives in balance between the past and the future.

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