• Our Approach


    • Noront works to develop a framework for mineral exploration and development with respect for the land, environment and First Nation traditional pursuits. Noront encourages extensive consultation between all involved parties.
    • Noront strives to be good neighbours, ensuring the community's concerns about environmental impacts are heard.
    • Noront operates on the principle of factual disclosure to eliminate rumours.
    • Noront is committed to protecting the environment through every phase of resource development.


  • Impacts

    Noront works with all federal and provincial agencies to comply with the requirements of a mineral development project during all project phases: exploration, evaluation, development, production and closure. Noront works with processes that are designed to protect public safety, the environment and the sustainable use of resources in support of economic development.  Noront is committed to reducing the environmental impact during all phases of resource development.

  • Assessments

    Noront is involved in a constant process of environmental assessments, approvals and permits to protect the environment. In addition, we have agreed to work with the affected communities to monitor the environmental impact as a result of our exploration activities.

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